We build custom, low-fee portfolios for investors with $10+ million.

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Bantam's practice is built for three groups.
Law firm partners
Attorneys (and their firms) face a growing list of threats, including many that didn't exist just a few years ago. We have worked with successful law partners and understand the risks and opportunities available to them.
Entrepreneurs often monetize their wealth in liquidity events that might occur only a few times in their careers. This requires a different type of investment strategy and implementation.
UHNW families
Investing family wealth is colored by all the poetic complications of the family. We have worked with centimillionaraire families and understand these complications and how to address them.

Experience Truly Aligned
Fiduciary Management and Advice

Personalized ways to support attorneys, entrepreneurs, and ultra-high net worth families.
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I am contemplating an asset sale or expecting a liquidity event
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Bantam is relentless in its pursuit to do what’s right for its clients. We believe in transparency and aligning our incentives with our clients’. Every element of Bantam is designed to reflect this philosophy, including our corporate structure, fee structure, and investment implementation. Indeed, we are incorporated as a New York State benefit corporation.

Bantam is purpose-driven. And our purpose is looking after our clients interests.

Bantam’s methodology is designed by the finance veteran, Jack Duval (CEO). Jack has over 25 years experience in investments, finance, and economics. He began his career working for 10 years with Merrill Lynch in the firm’s original high net worth office in New York. He then ran a family office, a global macro hedge fund, and founded a registered investment advisory firm as well as serving as an expert witness in securities litigations.

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