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Bantam's practice is laser-focused on law partners.
Big Law Partners
Partners at AmLaw 100 firms face a unique set of industry and practice risks. These risks require bespoke strategies that go beyond traditional "financial planning" and investment management.
Plaintiffs Attorneys
Plaintiffs attorneys operate under a venture capital type of business model with lumpy cash flows and potential for extended cash reserve drawdowns. These dynamics require non-traditional risk management and investment strategies.
Specialists and Boutiques
Many legal services businesses do not fall neatly between global white-shoe firms and litigation-focused practices. Each of these have their own set of opportunities and challenges.

Fiduciary Advice and Management - for Fiduciaries

Personalized ways we support attorneys.
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Bantam's Attorney Focus

Bantam's focus on advising attorneys is born out of CEO Jack Duval's 16 years experience working with attorneys as an expert witness in well over 400 securities litigations.

Additionally, over his 26 year career in finance, Jack has worked with attorneys to craft custom strategy, risk, and investment solutions.

Jack's background provides deep insight into the risks and opportunities available to law partners. Those insights, coupled with the financial savvy to help clients invest like institutions, result in a unique suite of services custom-built for attorneys.

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