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What We Do

Highly integrated risk management, asset management, and strategy.
Risk Management
For us, wealth management starts with the risk. Our framework is business-centric. It involves evaluating upstream and downstream risk exposures for attorneys presented by their firms and practice areas. We call this a rhizomatic risk analysis.

We practice complexity-reduction across all aspects of the client’s Total Wealth in order to reduce “unknown unknowns”, fees, and time requirements.
Asset Management
Upon identifying risks and crafting an Investment Policy Statement with the client, Bantam implements a tax-efficient, low-cost investment discipline with highly-aligned incentives.

We take a long-term approach to investments that allows us to sit out the market if prices are unattractive, or buy when prices are low.  Financial assets are invested last, as a completion portfolio, to complement business and other assets and to balance out risk exposures.
Our strategy services bring together the client’s business, family situation, personal goals and objectives, as well as all the poetic complications of life, into one plain English document. This document attempts to help our clients understand the tradeoffs involving risks, investments, tax, estate, and other objectives.

We frequently work with our client’s other advisors to incorporate their observations into our strategy summaries and recommendations.
“We are laser-focused on the attorney segment and preserving and growing our client’s wealth.”
Jack Duval

How We Work

All our recommendations stem from a deep knowledge
of each client’s unique facts and circumstances.
Bespoke Strategies
We approach each client as a blank page and craft strategies tailored to their situation. The result is an integrated approach where all the client’s constraints and requirements inform each recommendation.
Active Client Engagement
Most of our clients have decades, if not generations, of experience in their industry.  We value that human capital greatly. Where appropriate, we look to tap into that knowledge when contemplating firm strategy and potential investments.

While completely optional, our clients enjoy contributing to the intellectual debate and participate in Bantam’s growth.
Dual Level Fiduciary Advice
Bantam is a client fiduciary twice over. Once as a registered investment advisor. And again as a New York State registered benefit corporation.  Not only are we fiduciary bound in our recommendations, but also we are obligated to consider the interests of our clients on the footing as the interests of our owners and employees.

No other advisory firms have this second fiduciary obligation.

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