Bantam Inc. Launches Fiduciary Services for Attorneys

Bantam Inc., Attorneys
We've just taken fiduciary advice to the next level.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Bantam Inc. a registered investment advisory firm and benefit corporation with an initial niche of fiduciary services for attorneys.Bantam is bringing a new level of fiduciary guidance to our clients for all aspects of their finances and investments.  Our clients benefit from our flexible consulting arrangements, where we serve as their outsourced chief investment officer and help them manage their finances.Importantly, clients can work with us on a consulting basis without having to move their assets.  This model allows us to address the specific needs of our clients quickly, without disrupting any existing relationships or investments.  Some samples of our services can be found here.

Bantam Fiduciary Services for Attorneys

Bantam has a suite of services tailor made for attorneys.  You can find more information on them here.  All of our services have the hallmark of exhaustive research and are forensic-quality.  We also pride ourselves on the design of our documents and believe that great writing and great design are required to convey what are often complex ideas, in a simple but elegant manner.  In our experience, complexity is where investment blowups and high fees hide.  We assiduously avoid complexity wherever possible, whether it is in our investment recommendations, strategies, and writing.For instance, we will serve as the attorney's agent when contemplating the risks and opportunities of a lateral move.  We also offer completely personalized, professionally designed and bound Family Strategy Books, which go miles beyond what is commonly referred to as "financial planning".

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