Bantam Introduces the Family Strategy Book

Financial Planning, Attorneys
Because of the depth of our analysis and high production values, we can only initiate one Strategy Book per month.

This post introduces the Bantam Family Strategy Book, a bespoke financial strategy and implementation process for families.  They are written from scratch and completely personalized, then professionally designed and bound into a book that is at once beautiful and highly comprehensible.

Family Strategy Book Contents

Each Strategy Book addresses several major issues, including: risk management, asset protection, estate and tax planning, and investments.  Critically, every recommendation is designed to work on multiple levels, incorporating the family’s unique circumstances into each investment and strategy.A natural result of the highly personalized nature of the Strategy Book is that they are interesting.  Furthermore, they are easy to read.  We take great pains to avoid industry jargon and write in plain English so the book can be understood by the least sophisticated family members.  Ultimately, our findings and recommendations are clearly presented in elegant layouts and simple language.Each Strategy Book is hand tooled and takes at least three months to produce, usually involving 100 to 200 hours of labor.  Because of the depth of our analyses and high production values, we can only initiate one book per month.Ultimately the Strategy Book is just the beginning of a process that typically takes 12 to 18 months for the family to fully digest, deliberate, and implement the recommendations.You can get more detail on our process and timeline at the Family Strategy Book page.

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