Bantam Launches Due Diligence Service Line

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Investment complexity has been weaponized against investors in the form of hidden risk transfers and punitive fee structures.

Investments have become increasingly complex over the past 30 years.Unfortunately, that complexity has been weaponized against investors.  The usual result of investment complexity is the transfer of hidden risks to investors and the obfuscation of punitive fee structures.Indeed, many times the vendors selling these investments do not fully understand them.Investors need an un-conflicted third-party fiduciary to evaluate investments on their behalf.  That un-conflicted third-party fiduciary must have the savvy of the most sophisticated industry insiders.Bantam Inc. is the sophisticated third-party fiduciary firm that makes Wall Street work for you.In order to help our clients combat investment complexity, I'm pleased to announce the launch of Bantam's due diligence service line.These services are tailored for ultra-high net worth investors and, for what usually amount to a few basis points of the potential investment, will put them on equal footing with the vendors making investment recommendations.  As part of these services, our forensic analysts will perform detailed reviews of the investment documents provided to clients by their brokers or advisors.Services OfferedThe services will be offered with three discrete levels of analysis and price points:

  • Standard Investment Due Diligence, $2,000;
  • AI Assisted Investment Due Diligence: $4,000;
  • Full Investment and Operational Due Diligence: bespoke.

The Standard Investment Due Diligence offering will be prepared after a detailed review of the documents.  Under this deliverable, Bantam will prepare a plain English summary of the most pertinent aspects of the offering, including:

  • Investment terms;
  • Initial and ongoing costs;
  • Structure;
  • Timeliness;
  • Strategy replicability;
  • Tax-efficiency, and;
  • Risk exposures.

In addition to the summary, Bantam will host a client call to review our findings and answer any questions after the client has had time to review our report.The AI-Assisted Investment Due Diligence offering includes everything in the Standard Investment Due Diligence plus an artificial intelligence assisted text analysis of the offering documents.The additional deliverables include:

  • Summary of AI document analysis;
  • Complexity Risk Rating;
  • Identification of operational concerns, and;
  • Client review call.

The Full Investment and Operations Due Diligence offering will include everything in the first two tiers as well as on-site due diligence with the investment firm and staff.The additional deliverables include:

  • Written report of operational findings;
  • Unlimited calls to review our findings.

Optional deliverables include:

  • On-site due diligence ride-along by client.
  • In-person meeting to discuss findings.

You can download a PDF version of our due diligence offerings here. Bantam is relentless in our efforts to identify risks and help our clients make highly informed decisions about where and how to invest.Please contact Bantam CEO Jack Duval to discuss how we can look after your interests when dealing with investment vendors.  If you live or work in Manhattan, we can meet in our office or yours.

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