Bantam Publishes Interview with Andrew Langhoff on Litigation Finance

This continues the Bantam Interview Series with a fascinating discussion between Bantam CEO Jack Duval and Red Bridges Advisors founder and principal, Andrew Langhoff. Red Bridges Advisors is the number one ranked U.S. litigation funding broker.

In this 40 minute interview, Andrew unpacks the sometimes opaque world of litigation finance and how fundings typically work.

The discussion includes Andrew's breakdown of:

  • The four types of litigation finance;
  • The different times during a claim's lifecycle when funding is provided;
  • How litigation finance has leveled the playing field for small plaintiffs going up against large, well-funded, defendants;
  • The five criteria for vetting claims;
  • A typical funding timeline from first inquiry to first funding;
  • How funders are becoming more specialized as the industry matures;
  • Champerty; and,
  • The future of litigation finance.

The interview can be found on Apple iTunes here.

A transcript of the interview is available here.

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