More than Money: The intangibles of a private equity partner - Interview with Bob Horne

Entrepreneurs, Family Business, Interview
"The private equity business is more competitive because there is more money that has flowed into it."

This is the fourth interview in our Entrepreneur and Family-Owned Business Interview Series.

These interviews are designed to help entrepreneurs and family business owners think through the benefits, implications, and consequences of taking outside investment.

As part of the project, I am interviewing private equity fund managers, middle-market investment bankers, attorneys, accountants, and consultants that advise privately held firms.

This interview is with Bob Horne, a partner at ZS Fund L.P., a private equity firm located in Manhattan.  Bob has decades of experience working in private equity and before that in mergers and acquisitions at Salomon Brothers.

Some of the highlights of this interview include:

  • What portfolio firm owners should be thinking about besides money;
  • Understanding how active or passive your investor is;
  • How outside investment can help attract top managers;
  • Promotion and compensation of family members after taking outside investment;
  • Key man risk, and;
  • Owner diligence on private equity investors.

You can access the interview transcript here.

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