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Case Studies

Selected case studies of how Bantam has assisted clients in various capacities.

White Papers

Bantam’s white papers continue our tradition of thought
leadership in multiple areas ranging from investments, finance and economics to risk management.
Complexity Risk:
A New Risk Category
Investors face a risk that has gone virtually unnoticed, unmentioned, unmeasured, and which from time to time destroys their capital.  This risk arises from the complexity of investments.  In this white paper, Bantam CEO Jack Duval unpacks the elements of complexity risk and how to avoid it.
Modern Monetary
Theory - A Primer
The economics of Modern Monetary Theory are unpacked and critiqued using simple examples and historical antecedents.
The Participant Ponzi
The U.S. stock market has taken on many of the flow dynamics of a Ponzi scheme.  In this white paper, Bantam CEO Jack Duval explains what a Participant Ponzi is and the four necessary conditions for it to flourish.

Investment Research

Bantam produces its own investment research. We make some of it available here for you to get a feel for our thinking.
NOTE: We may or may not have positions in any of these companies and may take those positions off at any time.  This research is in no way an investment recommendation. Due to our rigorous selection process, most of the ideas we research, we do NOT invest in.

An Ill Wind
Blows Through

Analysis of the increasing risks to municipal bonds posed by the aging U.S. population, the new normal of low U.S. growth, underfunding public pensions, and rising fixed costs due to employee and retiree health care obligations.
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