Batnam Pivots to a Private Investment Office for Attorneys

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I’m excited to announce that Bantam is pivoting to focus exclusively on providing custom strategy, risk, and investment solutions for successful attorneys.


Why Focus on Attorneys?


That was easy.  First, all our clients are attorneys.  Second, I have worked with hundreds of attorneys.  Over the past 16 years I’ve been retained on well over 400 securities litigations as a consulting and testifying witness.  The attorneysI’ve worked with have been from AmLaw 20 firms, plaintiff’s firms, and boutiques all across the country.


Attorneys are subject to a lot of bad jokes, but in my experience, their money is extremely hard-earned.  I know because I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with them putting in the hard yards.  (Anyone bad-mouthing attorneys should try billing 17-hour days for a few weeks and then see if they can formulate a complete sentence.)


Attorney Needs


As far as I can discern, no other firm in the country is exclusively focused on the needs of attorneys.  


This is the opportunity for Bantam, but also a huge benefit to our clients.  Every attorney faces unique risks specific to their location, firm, and practice. However, almost no investment advisory firm has any conception of these risks, let alone how to deal with them.


Like the law itself, the legal services market has historically changed very slowly.  That is changing, and it will accelerate.  Indeed, I expect the next 10years to bring more changes to the legal services market than the last 50.  Some of those changes pose existential threats to many law firms. (Get ready for the "big four" accounting firms to start providing a lot of low and mid-tier legal work.)


Attorneys need to position and hedge themselves for the risks and opportunities that are beginning to manifest.  This is what Bantam excels at.  We have thought deeply about these risks and how attorneys can protect and grow their wealth given these changes.


Stay Tuned


I have some great attorney-related content coming, including:


·   How the recent Arizona decision to allow non-lawyer ownership of law firms is going to be a huge game-changer, and;

·   The threat of decentralized finance to the transactional legal services market, and how attorneys can hedge themselves.


Check us Out


You can learn more about our attorney-focused services in many places, including our:


·   Retooled website;

·   YouTube channel, including a short introductory video;

·   Resources page, where the content is organized by topic;

·   Blog posts, and;

·   Podcasts.

Please feel free to spread the word to all your attorney friends!  If nothing else, they will benefit by signing up to get first access to our attorney-related content.

NOTE: Nothing in this blog post should be considered individual investment advice. If you need investment advice, please email Jack Duval at or call 845.605.1007.

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