Top 5 Problems of UHNW Investor Portfolios – White Paper

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It is, without exception, the advisors that create these problems for their UHNW clients. After all, no one walks into a bank or broker-dealer and asks for a complex, undiversified portfolio, replete with hidden fees and risks! Yet that is exactly wh

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Bantam has published a white paper examining the five primary problems that negatively affect ultra-high net worth (”UHNW”) investor portfolios:

  • Complexity;
  • Hidden risks;
  • High fees (hidden or otherwise);
  • Faux diversification, and;
  • Balkanization.

Most UHNW investor portfolios have a combination of these problems, if not all of them.

This white paper describes all these ills in plain English. If you read it, you will understand them.

Top 5 Problems Checklist Included:

Appendix A to the white paper has a one-page checklist that would take a layman about 10 minutes to complete. If you complete the checklist, you will know the extent of your problems.

Understanding and quantifying these problems is the first step in taking control.

You can access the white paper here.

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