Work With Us Without Moving Your Assets.

What We Do

We bring a team of finance, investment, risk, and strategy experts
to bear on each of our client’s unique issues. We prepare stand-alone
analyses and reports and give ongoing advice.
Financial and risk analyses of lateral and in-house moves for attorneys.

These engagements typically include significant due diligence on the potential destination firm.
Audit & Second Opinions
Analyses of current investments and strategies for: total cost, comportment with stated investment policies, risk, tax-efficiency, and performance benchmarking.

Second opinions on current and/or potential investments, strategies, risks, and probable outcomes.
Due Diligence
Evaluation and due diligence of potential investments and strategies recommended by third parties, including: stocks, bonds, structured products, options strategies, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, real estate, and other direct investments.
Our strategy services bring together the client’s business, family situation, personal goals and objectives, as well as all the poetic complications of life, into one plain English document.
This document attempts to help our clients understand the tradeoffs involving risks, investments, tax, estate, and other objectives.

We frequently work with our client’s other advisors to incorporate their observations into our strategy summaries and recommendations.
“Most advisory firms only work with clients who move their assets to the firm. We can, and do, work with clients on stand-alone consulting arrangements that do not require the transfer of assets or ending relationships.”
Jack Duval

How We Work

We provide unbiased fiduciary advice that empowers our clients to make good decisions.
Bespoke Strategies
We approach each client with a blank page and craft unique strategies tailored to their situation. The result is an integrated approach where all the client’s constraints and requirements inform each recommendation.
Informed Scepticism
Bantam CEO Jack Duval’s experience with hundreds of securities litigations has educated him as to the myriad ways that investors are abused by Wall Street, as well as how risks and fees get hidden. Because of this, informed scepticism is our default position.
Rigorous Analysis
Our analyses are forensic-quality. We get to the heart of the issues quickly. We pride ourselves for our ability to communicate complex concepts simply, even to the financially uninitiated.

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